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Violin and Bass instructor

Violin · In studio 

Jessica has been teaching violin to our seven year-old son for almost two years and to our five year-old daughter for several months now. Jessica is a very kind and patient teacher, is so good with kids, and teaches them in a way that is fun yet effective. Since they have started lessons with Miss Jessica, I have noticed that both of my children have become more focused and learn new concepts much more quickly than before, both in music class and at school. My once shy kids have gained so much self-confidence and now enjoy performing in front of an audience. We have only wonderful things to say about Miss Jessica and hope she continues to teach violin for a long time as the kids grow. We were really lucky to find such a great teacher and role model for our kids.

Violin · In studio 

Jessica has worked with my son Nathan (10) for two years. Nathan loves her. Jessica is very dependable and rarely needs to reschedule lessons. She is very kind to my son, but also takes his progress seriously. He has come VERY far since he started working with Jessica and he has been excited about violin the whole time (which is sort of a miracle for a ten year old boy!) and he even practices without me reminding him! Our family would highly recommend Jessica as a music teacher.

Violin · In studio 

My 11 year old daughter has been taking lessons with Jessica for about 6 months. It has been a wonderful experience and she has been very kind and patient. My daughter is just starting violin and we were hoping to find someone who is as excited about music as my daughter has been. Jessica has been so supportive of her questions, sharing and ideas. My daughter always feels she learns a lot after each lesson and feels good about her progress.

Bass Guitar · In studio 

The first thing I noticed about Miss Jessica was that she properly adapted her teaching to the pace of my learning, she always knows when I was ready to take on the next step . Miss Jessica is very understanding if I have any difficulty playing a note or a pattern and provides me with constructive advice.The most valuable aspect of learning from her is my appreciation for the structure of music, which has inspired me to more engaged with bass guitar.

Violin · In studio 

Our experience with Miss Jessica over the last year has been wonderful. She is sensitive to how your child learns and helps find what clicks. My daughter loves Miss Jessica and I appreciate her wide range of musical knowledge, patience and kindness.

Violin · In studio 

My daughter has been a student of Ms. Jessica for about 8 months and she loves going to class. My child is 6 years old and Ms. Jessica teaches her violin in a way she can understand. Ms. Jessica is kind and patient, we always look forward to her weekly violin lesson.